Introduction to TWT GSM-PTT Service.

System Features:

  • Wide Area Coverage without the need of infrastructure

  • Simple Pricing Structure

  • Flat-Fee = Unlimited Usage per month

  • Free Android APP

  • Desktop Manager available for easy Track, Monitor & Management

  • Recording & Logging Functions Standard

  • Video Calling option Available

  • Location & Track option

  • 256-Bit Encryption

  • Voice Calling

  • Option to Bridge your Current Radio Network seamlessly to this platform

  • Simple, non-Complicated use

Wide Area Coverage without the need of infrastructure

TWT GSM-PTT Service uses  Data on the GSM Cellular network to achieve Communications. This means for small Fixed monthly cost you can have access to a National Network  whenever you need it.

No investment is required to reach around the block or across the country as it is already put in place by the GSM Network Operators.

No Pain of Infrastructure Maintenance or expensive repairs due to High-Site Loss or theft.

By utilizing this National Network we can offer a Countrywide Communications Tool that fits in the palm of your hand.

As long as you have Coverage, you can Communicate. No more Guessing how you would contact your personnel in another town 250km away!

Simple Pricing Structure 

Pricing is Simple:

  • Purchase a Device outright,

  • Once off Sim Card & Registration Fee (includes Remainder of the Month Free Airtime)

  • Thereafter a Fixed Monthly fee Applicable to use much as you can (Fair use Policy applies)

  • No Lock-in Contract

  • Simple Debit order for monthly payment available

Free Android APP 

Our Android App is available Free of Charge but requires an Additional Monthly Server fee & Own Data usage.

Features can be Limited but includes :

  • On-Line Users list,

  • Off-Line Users list,

  • Find on Map Locate & Track,

  • PTT Talk, PTT Massaging, PTT-Calling.

  • PTT-Video for supported Devices,

  • Log Feature with filtering,

  • Status.

Desktop Manager available for easy Track, Monitor & Management

The Dispatch Desktop Software is available at an additional fee and Monthly Server fee but offers powerful Features such as Live Track, Talk, Online Status, Logs and Many more. 

Option to Bridge your Current Radio Network seamlessly to this platform

With the addition of a Radio-Gateway we can Seamlessly integrate your current Radio network to your new GSM-PTT Radio Fleet.

Connect your  current radio network be it “Licensed” or “License-Free” Radios on site to your Offsite Control Room & Enable Managers to Monitor any situation linked into your new Network.

No More worries about what is happening on site with 2nd hand information getting to you after an event has occurred – listen to your Force Live.

*Additional Costs apply.

Simple yet Effective Communications

Two way radio like devices are available that your personnel are accustomed to.... And all the accessories to suit. 

Device is Complete with Large Battery Capacity to Last up to 36hours*

Desktop Charger supplied standard,

Wifi Enabled Device – so increasing the usage to Basements and Casinos etc.

Loud Volume Speaker – Superb Sound Quality

Emergency Channel – Send Emergency Signal to App & Dispatch Users

GPS Enabled Device for Accurate Location*

Various other Rugged Android Devices Also Available on request for specific needs...


Our Primary devices we Currently supply:

Coming soon: