Tools of productivity and convenience Styles to suit varied working environments Ultra lightweight headset Ultimate in wear ability and effectiveness Discreet, losing nothing in performance as a result Ideal when your requi

  The Motorola Insignia on your battery is your assurance that you are using a high quality, reliable product designed to work optimally with your radio Three different chemistries exist to provide you with the most effective solution L

  Single unit and six unit charges for all battery chemistries Designed to maximize battery life

  Enhanced coverage from your radios system Allows for your radio to be better utilized whilst in your vehicle Also offers battery charging function

Key to your radio's performance Maximize coverage Choice of options to suit your specific application Please check with your authorized Motorola Two Way Radio Dealer for compatibility information  

  Voice storage Stores your voice or those of your calling parties Useful for retaining important telephone numbers and address details

  Numerous security type surveillance applications where being low profile is a must Ideal for commercial sector applications where comfort is the main benefit Small, lightweight and ultra discreet Specially designed to withstand har

  Standard and noise canceling Convenient and practical in busy working environments Receive/transmit messages and activate certain functions on your radio without removing it from its carry case or belt Enhance audio quality Connec

  To suit various combinations and configurations of radio and batteries Heavy-duty leather carry cases Additional protection in severe operating conditions Carry your radio easily and conveniently Lightweight leather cases D

EASIER CONNECTIONS, FASTER INTERACTIONS Supervising a manufacturing line or dispatching buses and trams, how do you keep customers satisfied and drivers safe? MOTOTRBO digital radio solutions can help by putting the power of digital communications